Pauliina Lievonen teaching an Alexander Technique lessonLessons are taught individually and take 30-40 minutes. The teacher will work using her hands to guide you in simple, everyday activities like sitting down and standing up from a chair, standing and walking, but also specific activities like working on a computer, depending on the needs of a particular student. It is practical to wear loose comfortable clothing that doesn’t get in the way of movement.

PL_DSC_3794[1]The teacher’s hands will act as a stimulus for you to start getting more freedom first in the relationship of your head, neck and back, which in turn will have a positive influence on all the rest of you. At the same time you will be asked to actively take part in the process – there is no question of passively taking a treatment here!

Pauliina Lievonen teaching an Alexander Technique lessonIt is normally recommended to have a course of around 30 lessons to have real benefit from the technique. It is also warmly recommended to have more than one lesson a week in the beginning. This will pay off in a much quicker progress. I can certainly understand that this isn’t always possible due to work and other responsibilities, however.